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OSW Supply Chain September Update

Kickin' Off a New Season

No better way to kick off the fall season than with a well-executed LI Offshore Wind Supply Chain conference! For the 200 or so remote and in-person attendees, I hope we were able to provide you with superior panelists and content worthy of the 3 hours you had to carve out from your day. 

Our thanks to the Congressman and his staff for pulling off a well-executed and well-paced event. Also thanks  to our partners at the Long Island Federation of Labor and Climate Jobs NY, I think we made a great team, developing the speakers lists and Q&A’s. 

The keynote speakers came at the topic from many different angles. Starting with Liz Shuler, President, AFL-CIO, who added a wonderful jobs/middle class/fair wage perspective to the conversation. Walking us through the history of union workers in energy markets going back decades and why labor now has a seat at the table for offshore wind and why that’s an imperative for being able to see our region benefit from the economic opportunities being presented. As the Congressman pointed out, we want the larger companies to succeed but we also need to see our local companies succeed. That can’t happen unless we take the skilled labor we have now and upskill them for these projects. In the early phases, that means training for operations and maintenance workers, followed by manufacturers, service providers, and others. 

Siri Kindem, President, Equinor US Wind, followed with an overview of her company and their project approach. Siri pointed out a few times that these projects are early stage and thus their current interactions with other companies are Tier 1 (GE, Siemens Gamesa). That means we are on our own at the moment when it comes to developing the down-market part of the supply chain. I would expect to see increasing support from NYSERDA on this of course, and eventually the developers themselves. She did confirm that operations centers are being constructed in the Port of Albany for manufacturing and Brooklyn for operations and maintenance (O&M) training. I must also mention that our sponsors Orsted have committed to building an O&M training facility in Suffolk County. Siri pointed out the many areas of manufacturing that will be needed beyond the obvious blades and towers. Electrical cabling, substations, power control systems, general infrastructure, along with maritime services and more. 

Newsletters are not meant to be long winded, so I won’t go into the details of the panels, but I strongly suggest that even if you attended, go to the “video tape replay” and re-watch them. We had some key players in the industry; Vestas (turbines), TPI Composites (blades), Orsted (Developer), and a host of supporting experts from government and non-profits, filling in the knowledge gap as best anyone can. 

The recording of the full event is viewable on our website by clicking HERE

Pictured above – On the left –  Congressman Suozzi throwing a few direct questions at Equinor’s Siri Kindem; on the right – the Congressman flanked by Ivy and Stephen (our web developers par excellence, decked out in OSW Supply Chain sweatshirts – available shortly for purchase) and Marj Issapour of Farmingdale College along with other happy participants. 


We think we have problems.

While we worry about the lack of clarity in understanding the OSW supply chain, we could (and some of you do) have much bigger problems. The global supply chain is a hot mess. Excellent article in the Atlantic magazine untangling a complex issue. Read it HERE  

Continuous improvements.

We try to continually update both the content and the features of our website. The latest is a wonderful update to our supplier map. We have now embedded a window directly into the NYSERDA supply chain database and placed it next to our Google visualization. Look up a company listings on the right, then find them on the map so you know exactly where they are. Check it out HERE

126 blades, no waiting!

Pictured above, the Norwegian company Wind Catching Systems is developing a floating, multi-turbine technology for wind farms that has the potential to generate five times the annual energy of the world’s largest, single wind turbine. Read more about Norwegian innovation HERE

Biden Visits Manufacturers

Makin’ it real.

President Biden recently paid the National Renewable Energy Labs (NREL) a rare visit to talk about all things renewable. While there, he got to take a look at a turbine blade made from totally recycled materials. The project was supported by our very good friends at  Read all about his visit and the amazing work at NREL HERE 

Stay informed.

Visit our website oswsupplychain and our LinkedIn corporate page at OSW-Supply-Chain Stop by often to keep up to speed on breaking developments. If you register, you’ll have access to our useful content dashboard (9 out of 10 doctors recommend it).

In-case you missed it

This Friday, October 1st, join all of America in celebrating Manufacturing Day 2021. I’ll be online at my virtual Institute for Workforce Advancement booth. Stop on by and say “Hi”. 

Want info on how to participate? Check it out HERE 

About us

The IWA, a 501(c)3 registered nonprofit, is one of the northeast region’s leading advanced manufacturing workforce-development training organizations. We provide essential programming for incumbent and in-transition workers, and college and non-college bound students; from energy to aerospace, pharmaceuticals to building trades. The IWA partners with industry, government, and educational institutions to fill the employment pipeline for in-demand engineers, and installation and technical service workers, with a focus on hard-to-fill positions, and on low-income, high needs communities.

The IWA also works with national research and training institutions to ensure our programs consistently meet and exceed local and national skills requirements.

Executive Director Phil Rugile talks about Manufacturing Opportunity

October 2, 2022

IWA, Minority Millennials & the Workforce Development Institute talk about Manufacturing

September 29, 2022

Minority Millenials and the Workforce Development insitute of Long Island have partnered to highlight the many career oppotunities within the Manufacturing industry. Here are some insights from industry leaders.

2022 Annual Giving and Capital Campaign | This Years Non-Profits: Spin The Yard Foundation, Central Brooklyn Economic Development Corp + The Institute For Workforce Development

September 29, 2022

Introduction to Composites Fall Registration

September 27, 2022

Happy to announce that the IWA is now booking our Introduction to Composites program for fall classes. This 2-day course is suitable for both High School STEM students as well as adults. Some tuition awards for classes of ten or more may be available. Successful completion provides a full college credit! Contact us at

Spin the Yard Foundation’s New York Equity + Environmental Justice Center

September 27, 2022

IWA was proud to be a part of last weeks launch of Spin the Yard Foundation’s New York Equity + Environmental Justice Center. Let’s get everyone into the jobs and manufacturing opportunities for offshore wind.

Wind Tidbits and Congrats

May 20, 2022

Given all the news coming out of the last solicitation and now with the third just around the corner, I’m going to break the newsletter up into two parts. A once per month full edition with a lead topic, and bi-weekly shorter blasts highlighting timely news and events. This….. is that.


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