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Wind Tidbits and Congrats

Wind Tidbits and Congrats

Visit our sister site OSW Supply Chain

Given all the news coming out of the last solicitation and now with the third just around the corner, I'm going to break the newsletter up into two parts. A once per month full edition with a lead topic, and bi-weekly shorter blasts highlighting timely news and events. This..... is that.


A solicitation like no other

As mentioned above, round 3 is upon us. Developers are scrambling, burning a virtual candlelight, to prepare their bids. Affectionately referred to as ORECRFP22-1, anticipates adding 2,000+ megawatts of offshore wind energy, leveraging $500 million of New York State funding (still waiting for FY 2023 approval). 

A supply chain short on supplies

We see the impact all around us, from baby formula to imported steel, no industry is left untouched by material and labor shortages. In the wind world, we see losses being reported by multinational companies like Vesta’s, a major provider of turbines for both on and offshore wind farms. Factors such as the Ukraine War, Covid, Chinese imports, etc. are really putting pressure on manufacturers and raw material suppliers. 

Adding your two cents

NYSERDA request for information (rfi) has gone out to the public, responses due May 27. These RFI’s are an important part of the public comment process and gives us a platform to stress the areas we feel are important for the 3rd round. There are 5 focus areas to respond to and of course, you should pick the ones relevant to you.  Learn more HERE 


More ocean floor please

Congrats go out to our friends and sponsor TOTAL ENERGIES for winning a bid for lease areas off the coast of North Carolina. Yes NY, we’re not alone in this and it will only get more competitive. 

A happy workforce.

Recently announced. Our sponsor Orsted and the North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU),  have reached a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) to construct the company’s U.S. offshore wind farms with an American union workforce. Well done. 

On the move....

Shout out to our good friend Andrea Bonilla for her new position at our other sponsor, (and Orsted JV partner) Eversource, as Community Outreach & Relations for Offshore Wind in Long Island. 

Which leads me to....

A call for all workforce passionate people to come to the aid of our island. With Andrea’s departure, we now have a hole to plug for a Workforce Development Institute Regional Director. Interested parties can learn more and check out the job posting HERE. 

Get Connected

Are you in it? The NYSERDA database that is. You can take a peek at the list by going to our new website and viewing the visual representation of the map and you can also register via our website or NYSERDA by clicking HERE 

About us

The IWA, a 501(c)3 registered nonprofit, is one of the northeast region’s leading advanced manufacturing workforce-development training organizations. We provide essential programming for incumbent and in-transition workers, and college and non-college bound students; from energy to aerospace, pharmaceuticals to building trades. The IWA partners with industry, government, and educational institutions to fill the employment pipeline for in-demand engineers, and installation and technical service workers, with a focus on hard-to-fill positions, and on low-income, high needs communities.

The IWA also works with national research and training institutions to ensure our programs consistently meet and exceed local and national skills requirements.

Executive Director Phil Rugile talks about Manufacturing Opportunity

October 2, 2022

IWA, Minority Millennials & the Workforce Development Institute talk about Manufacturing

September 29, 2022

Minority Millenials and the Workforce Development insitute of Long Island have partnered to highlight the many career oppotunities within the Manufacturing industry. Here are some insights from industry leaders.

2022 Annual Giving and Capital Campaign | This Years Non-Profits: Spin The Yard Foundation, Central Brooklyn Economic Development Corp + The Institute For Workforce Development

September 29, 2022

Introduction to Composites Fall Registration

September 27, 2022

Happy to announce that the IWA is now booking our Introduction to Composites program for fall classes. This 2-day course is suitable for both High School STEM students as well as adults. Some tuition awards for classes of ten or more may be available. Successful completion provides a full college credit! Contact us at

Spin the Yard Foundation’s New York Equity + Environmental Justice Center

September 27, 2022

IWA was proud to be a part of last weeks launch of Spin the Yard Foundation’s New York Equity + Environmental Justice Center. Let’s get everyone into the jobs and manufacturing opportunities for offshore wind.

IPF Review

May 20, 2022

The buildup to this event in Atlantic City was big. We were all saying you gotta be there. It seems a lot of people got the message, last count 3,000.


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