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Jobs. We've been fretting over them, talking about them, worrying if those from parts unknown will swoop in and grab all the best. It seems over the past month a little clarity has emerged, especially on the heels of the 2nd round of lease awards.

What's up?

A quick glance at three of the major industry players current openings reveals interesting results:

Orsted – 12 from Boston to New York. Finance to operations and technicians. Listing HERE
Equinor – 4 openings in the US. 2 in marketing, one communication, 1 in renewables. Listing HERE
Vestas – An interesting company to do a deeper dive on, as they show 199 openings in the US for all their various renewable divisions. Which brings up the question of whether taking a job in onshore might be a great first start in a move towards the offshore projects as they develop. Browse openings HERE

Not exactly knock your socks off numbers, but a good indicator of the early stage skills requirements. Moving beyond direct employment with developers and tier 1 companies, are the employers gearing up to supply services and equipment from all across the country. One area worth watching, and relevant to LI, is marine transportation and services. I recently came across a press release from All American Marine, in Bellingham, WA., who have secured tentative industry approval for a 92-foot crew transfer vessel (CTV) concept of very innovative design. I have talked about the GWO certifications, but there are also other organizations involved in blessing of more than the fleet. In this case it is DNV, an international accredited registrar and classification society headquartered in Høvik, Norway. DNV is the organization that will approve the various types of custom-built vessels serving the wind projects. All American, an expert in aluminum catamaran construction and all US built. is also a leading manufacturer of vessels with hybrid-electric propulsion systems, appropriate for OSW applications I’d say. You can read more about this interesting vessel HERE 

I would also like to mention an innovative recruiting approach from  Vineyard Wind called the “ExplORE Program”, which offers two-year temporary, paid mentorship positions for recent graduates looking to start careers in the offshore wind industry. Learn more HERE 


Not just another solicitation in the mail

Hot off the 2nd round of record-breaking lease auctions, NYS is fast approaching the third offshore wind procurement, ORECRFP22-1. Keep up on events and register for updates from NYSERDA by clicking HERE 

Bad karma

In a strange twist of energy irony, a large container ship in Dutch waters collides with a chemical tanker, loses steerage, and drifts into an offshore wind farm. What are the odds? Watch the video HERE 

It's a women's world

Or so we’d hope, but the reality for industries like manufacturing is not quite all that. Thankfully there are those out to break more glass ceilings, interested parties should mark their calendar for March 31st to listen in on Women to Watch in Manufacturing. Register HERE 

Get Connected

Are you in it? The NYSERDA database that is. You can take a peek at the list by going to our new website and viewing the visual representation of the map and you can also register via our website or NYSERDA by clicking HERE 



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