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| Colored Overlays

Photography follows IWA’s friendly and approachable tone of voice. When choosing object/product images, remain aware that we are composite, renewable, and green centered. When using people, aim to show collaboration, interest, and joy and be mindful of body language placement.

In terms of design, contrast and readability is paramount. Background images should support- not out shine the headlines/text.

Workforce Advancement

Creating new career pathways requires industry participation! Join our strategic network and help us extend education into new frontiers, supporting underserved communities, and expanding public education.


High School and College

Community-based Organizations

Government Agencies


a booming industry

Composites and advanced manufacturing certifications integrate with thousands of good-paying jobs, from small to big businesses.

Automobile Components

Offshore Wind Blades

Sports Equipment

Blending typography with overlays.

Local Public High Schools & Vocational Schools, College & Alumni

Our Composite Technician Certification is nationally recognized by SpaceTech. We get students excited about careers in composites & advanced manufacturing through local memorable industry experiences. 

Robotics Training

Composites Technicians

Composites Engineering



Composite Prototyping Center DBA Institute for Workforce Advancement

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