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  1. Career Pipeline
  2. Education for Manufacturing Jobs
  3. Career Counseling Underserved Communities
  4. Breaking Barriers in Education
  5. Industries Served

About Us

  1. Our Mission
  2. Diversifying the Composite Workforce
  3. Our Team

Strategic Network


  1. Hub of a Wheel
  2. Strategic Network
  3. Iquire with Us

Creating Career Pathways


  1. Local Public, Vocational Schools, College & Alumni
  2. Career Decisions
  3. Early into Higher Stem Education
  4. Help us Jumpstart Careers


  1. What are composites?
  2. No Requirements or          Pre-requisites
  3. Career Examples
  4. Creating Accessibility

Worker Advancement

  1. Workforce
  2. Trade Careers & College Degrees
  3. Exciting Students
  4. Creating Apprenticeships that Work
  5. Join the IWA Ecosystem


Introduction to Composites


  1. Program Overview
  2. Course Completion
  3. Modules

Composite Certification


  1. Coming Soon


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