Course Overview

Our Introduction to Composites & Advanced Manufacturing Program focuses on composites as an advanced natural & industrial material, their integration with mechanical systems, and the increasing usage in industries that innovate technology with composites. Our certification provides students with the key information needed to make career decisions.

IWA is proud to announce a partnership with Vaughn College of Aeronautics & Technology to provide certified trainers. 

Course Completion

Students receive 1 college credit. 

Learning Outcomes


History of Composites

An introductory module, reviewing a timeline from basic to advanced composite materials, industry examples, and distinctions of composites as an environmentally friendly material.


Composites Project
Part I

This module has students undergo their first hands-on experience; fabrication of honeycomb panels, terminology of materials, and safety considerations.


Composite Materials

This module covers common types of composites that are integrated into modern & advanced components. An in-depth analysis in the engineering and functionality of different types of composites.


Testing and Inspection

This module has students discover composites as a process-dependent material. Students will distinguish damage types, and learn repair processes.


Composites Design

This module focuses on the applications of composites to different products. Students will develop reasoning skills for applying a composite material into a design.


Composites Project Part II

Students will experiment with composite panels, learn how damage occurs, and undergo repair processes.


Composites Manufacturing

This module identifies manufacturing and fabrication processes for different composite materials. Students will learn material processes to achieve different material characteristics.


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