01 | Primary Colors Bold, bright and unique. This color palette is symbolic of the diverse and collaboritive core of IWA. Each color is strong enough to stand alone, but together they make a great team. Purple HEX: #58f66RGB: 88, 31, 102CMYK: 72, 100, 27, 16 Orange HEX: #f05d24RGB: 204, 93, 36CMYK: 0, 79, 97, …

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01 | Colored Overlays Photography follows IWA’s friendly and approachable tone of voice. When choosing object/product images, remain aware that we are composite, renewable, and green centered. When using people, aim to show collaboration, interest, and joy and be mindful of body language placement. In terms of design, contrast and readability is paramount. Background images …

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01 | Clear Space Guidelines 02 | Responsive Design Full sized logo is to be used on official documents and when placed in proximity to other company’s logos. Recommended for desktop use. Secondary logo is used when IWA’s presence is pre-established within design context. It is also recommended to use on devices smaller than desktop …

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Roboto Desktop H1 (65 pt) H2 (48 pt) H3 (24 pt) Body (16pt) Tablet H1 (45 pt) H2 (40 pt) H3 (24 pt) Body (16pt) Mobile H1 (35 pt) H2 (30 pt) H3 (18 pt) Body (16pt)