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Workforce Advancement

We are helping advance both unemployed and employed workers into their next career step, whether it is further education, a new job or advancing within their existing employer. We work with industry leaders as advocates for new advanced manufacturing opportunities and assist through upskilling/retraining programs to meet these new market challenges and grow our regional workforce.

Apprenticeship Programs

Educational Institutions

Community-based Organizations

Composite-based Manufacturers

Innovating how workers and students find pathways to careers.

Putting trade careers on par with college degrees

Leveling the playing field between vocational careers and college degrees by providing a common educational platform that leads to varied continuing education and career opportunities. 

Exciting Students

With your help, we strengthen learning approaches on how composites and advanced manufacturing is integrated into the many things students love.

Creating Apprenticeships that work

We can be an important component to a successful apprenticeship program.

Join the IWA Ecosystem

A network is only as strong
as its parts.

Creating new career pathways requires industry participation! Join our strategic network and help us extend education into new frontiers, supporting underserved communities, and expanding public education.



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