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Grades 8 - 12, Vocational School, College & Alumni

Our Introduction to Composites and  Composite Technician Certification (nationally recognized by CertTEC) programs get students excited about careers in composites & advanced manufacturing through a combination of lecture and  “hands-on” experiences. 

Material Design


Composite Technician

Composite Engineering

Counseling students into career paths that meet their goals whether they know them yet or not.

Helping students & workers make career decisions

An illustration of a pipeline. This pipeline depicts career counseling being passed through IWA (represented by logo icon) and into a new pipeline path, that leads to certifications.

Putting them in the best position possible

We aide our students by providing career advisement. After completing IWA courses, we direct students to the next step in their career training or job search.

Early entry into higher STEM education

IWA encourages student engagement at an early level in their educational experience to help inspire them to move forward down the right –and not always visible – educational pathway. Inspiration comes from hands-on learning!

Help Us Jumpstart Careers!

How we are inspiring students:



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