Month: May 2022

Wind Tidbits and Congrats

Given all the news coming out of the last solicitation and now with the third just around the corner, I’m going to break the newsletter up into two parts. A once per month full edition with a lead topic, and bi-weekly shorter blasts highlighting timely news and events. This….. is that.

IPF Review

The buildup to this event in Atlantic City was big. We were all saying you gotta be there. It seems a lot of people got the message, last count 3,000.

Made in America, Cool Jobs & 3D

Jobs. We’ve been fretting over them, talking about them, worrying if those from parts unknown will swoop in and grab all the best. It seems over the past month a little clarity has emerged, especially on the heels of the 2nd round of lease awards.

Charles Lindberg

A big day in aviation history, with a connection to Institute for Workforce Advancement no less. Aviator #CharlesLindberg took off from Roosevelt Field on this day to start his historic 3,610 mile flight across the Atlantic. As you may know, IWA is running our Intro to Composites program at the Cradle Of Aviation Museum. Interestingly, our course materials and workshop area …

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